Project Management

With more than a decade long experience in various industrial projects in and around United Arab Emirates and Gulf regions in large, especially in the field of water management and waste water treatment, and working with renowned OEM suppliers and highly qualified consultants, we had acquired substantial know how knowledge in the field of water treatment and associated works. For timely completion of projects successfully, the project management works should begin at an early stage and should address the following aspects:

  • Project Synopsis: Understanding total project requirement from the client and carryout out in-depth study and project analysis and prepare appropriate Project Synopsis which will be informative, purpose of project and outline the objectives and goals of project
  • Management Summary: Prepare and furnish management summary-will set forth all of the operational data that pertains to the project. Highlight possible risks of the projects, combined with any possible alternatives to your project and the method that you are using. Furnishing data that will demonstrate how your project will affect the organization.
  • Statement of Purpose and Statement of Scope: Preparation of two statements (Statement of purpose and scope) to set forward the purposes for the project. Elaborate how the project will contribute to and is a part of overall company goals. Statement of scope will discuss the final products and outcomes of the project, and also evaluating all of the different expected returns.
  • Work Breakdown Structure: The WBS is simply a highly technical analysis and description of what the project will entail-the work that will be done. This section is set forth in terms of task summaries-including the timing, different individual assignments, and resources.
  • Project Organization Information: Project organization information section will carefully define and set forth the specific assignments and roles of the people involved in your project. Allocating list of responsibilities and personnel also preparation of organization chart.
  • Management System: Explain procedures and methods adapted to managing the project with the organization and format of meetings. The details of document control, details of quality control, the specific process for making any changes in the project Techniques / Review processes / Reporting processes
  • All Risk Assessment and Dependency: Analysis, explaining and preparation of all risk assessment and dependency report and made available, which will be helpful for all investors in the company and in the project. The same will be easily accessed by project team project team for any information clarification at any time.
  • Project Budget: Evaluate and set forth a detailed and precise budget for the entire project, elaborating all information about the cost of resources and the cost of material and include budget projections from previous and similar projects.

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